Einwegkamera – a large pinhole camera

Rummel Hummel @ Bakalofts
Picture © Christian Leitner (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

In September 2013 Emi ((kondens.at)) and I build a fairly large pinhole camera which made use of a room at the Rummelhummel extravaganza ((http://www.rummelhummel.net/)), a temporary art space in Vienna in September 2013.

The room was converted into a pinhole camera. We darkened about 20m² of windows in a room in the former penthouse of the building. Molton and other dark fabric was used for this purpose. We then captured the view of penthouse on to 8.5m² of photographic paper. Nine strips of Agfa paper, each 20″ wide. The diameter of the pinhole was 2.5mm, the distance to the paper was 3.9m.  Exposure took place on two days with a total exposure time of about 8 hours. Developing took place in the basement of the building.  A wash basin in a former workers locker room was used as tray. This was an challenging task since there is was no piped water, no drain, no light and no ventilation. It took Emi, Georg (thank you for your help Georg!) and me in total about 12 hours to develop all strips.

Picture © Angela Prendl
Putting the exposed strips of paper into the washing basin (Picture © Angela Prendl)
Pouring stop bath over the photographic paper (Picture © Angela Prendl)

The photograph was later exhibited on exact the same spot it was taken.

Emi with the finished picture (Picture © Angela Prendl)


Andreas Fleckl made a video in which I talk about the project.

I know the sound is to low – the boom arm broke during recording this video
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