Gluing Acrylic (PMMA) With Acrifix 1r 0192

Recently I glued together some laser cut pieces of Acrylic with patchy results.  The bonding was good but the Acrylic cracked. Hundreds of tiny cracks all along the cut edge.

Cracks on a test piece.

So, what does one dot o prevent this?

Detail view of the cracks

The manual states to temper pieces for 2 to 4 hrs at 70°C (≙158°F) to prevent stress cracks. I never assumed that cutting Acrylic with an laser cutter made the cutting edges prone for stress cracks and thought I was applying the glue wrong.
Since everyone told me that these cracks aren’t normal I tried this tempering stuff and put some test pieces for 30 minutes in an oven. Even this short tempering period reduced the amount of cracks by 100% :-). I don’t know if this short tempering time has negative long term effects. If crack form in the future I will let you know.

Long story short or TL;DR

When using a laser cutter to cut Acrylic temper them in an oven.

No cracks when tempered for 30 mins. at 70°C


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