IR video of a film being processed

I always wondered how does a photographic film look like during processing. Is there a visible image right after developing the film? Or is the image hidden below the anti halation protection layer and not visible until the film is in the fixation bath? Let’s find out! 

Thankfully Emi ((Emi’s web site lent me his IR modified Olympus E-P1. It is capable of taking images in only infrared light. That’s cool because with an IR only light source it can take pictures in the darkroom without exposing film (except IR sensitive film like Efke IR820, Kodak HIE, Kodak EIR or Kodak Technical Pan).

I used a LED light soruce ((CJWY-002 LED light for CCTV cameras from DealExtreme)) from DealExtreme. It’s a ripoff the description states it is a 12 watt light source but in fact it’s just 3 1 watt LEDs. Nevertheless it is perfectly suitable for my application.

So here is a Video ((Direct link to the Video on Youtube)) of me developing a 4×5″ sheet of Foma Fomapan 100. The video is sped up, total development time was six minutes.

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