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High voltage generator from ebay

sparkI bought this “DC 3.6v-6v to 400kV Boost Step-up Pulse Power Module High-voltage Generator” thingy from on ebay thinking it’s total crap since the description is nonsense. Stating it can deliver 200kV and also stating it can deliver 400-600kV but no even mentioning the polarity of the input. It was only $3.95 (including shipping) so I bought it anyway.

Of course it can’t generate Voltages nowhere near to 600kV or even 200kV but HELLO! It puts out enough voltage for some nice sparks. I’m still looking for a volunteer to test the how these sparks feel :D

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High Frequency device (Hochfrequenz-Gerät)

A few years ago I bought this interesting piece of medical equipment history. It is an induction coil with interchangeable gas filled glass electrodes. It was used “treat” all kinds of medical conditions. The handbook shows a large variety of uses this device could be used on, against and for. There are electrodes for your hair, eyeballs, vaginal electrodes and many even weirder ones. All the electrodes from the handbook are pictured at the end of the video.
I think it is a medical quack.
Nevertheless it is fun to show this thing at parties an zap people whit it.

I have the handbook scanned somewhere and will add it to this post any time soon. In the meantime here is a video of me presenting this thing.