USauB – an electronic sculpture charging your mobile devices

The sculpture “USauB” (USowB) invites visitors to interact with it. It’s powered USB teats provide vital electrical energy for our important mobile devices. Just like little piglets drink from their mother the USauB feeds mobile phones, tablets and other devices. Visitors are encouraged to place their devices in the care of the sow to have them charged.

USauB exhibited at the Schmiede 2014 show in Hallein/Austria

Materials: chicken wire, papier-mâché, plaster, electronics, paint
Size: approx. 100cm wide,
Weight: approx. 10kg
USB spec.: Top row configured to fast-charge Apple devices bottom row configured to charge any other devices. Each powered by an 5V/8A power supply

Special thanks to: Annegret, Rasmus, Tinski & Romedius

Visitors interacting with the sculpture.




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