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Worklog: Conversion of an old tube radio into a Bluetooth boombox

I sourced an old tube radio from an good will store. Since it was defective I got it for free.  Anyways, I have already striped the electronics inside so this does not matter. I am going to build a Bluetooth speaker box with the case. Bluetooth receiver, Class-D Amplifier, bass reflex loudspeaker, lead-battery, USB-charging port and a carry handle.


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Electronic Viewfinder

Electronic viewfinder

Um was geht es hier: Viele alte Videokameras sind mit s/w Sucherbildschirmen ausgestattet. Um eben diese s/w Suchermonitore – electronic viewfinder kurz EVF – geht es hier. Diese lassen sich in vielen Fällen sehr einfach an eine Videosignalquelle (BAS oder FBAS) anschließen und als Minibildschrim verwenden.

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EPROM data decay

EPROM short for Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory is a relict from the early days of computing. It is a from of memory used to store program code for CPU and micro computer. As the name states it is a read-only memory this means that in normal operation the memory content can only be read but not altered. To erase then the memory the chip needs to be exposed to UV light. For this propose the housing of the chip has a built in quartz glass window. I used a so called flash gun which is basically a mains powered fast firing strobe light which is pointed on to the window.

The process of erasing the memory takes some time. I interrupted the erasing process to monitor the progress erasing process by dumping the chips memory into a file. During the first 60 seconds of the chip being exposed to the light no data change occurs. After that the memory fades pretty fast. Even the placement and structure of the memory cells on the chip is somewhat recognizable.

Initial content

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