NES gamepad dimensions & pictures

Front of the gamepad

I am working on modifying a NES gamepad. I took me some time to take the dimensions of the PCB and the keepout area where the mounts are in the controller. I’m posting the dimensions here so maybe it saves you some time.

And remember, the dimensions are not guaranteed to be correct. If you find a mistake, drop me a note.

Back of the gamepad (NES-004E)


Back half of the case taken off.


Back half of the case
Front half of the case with buttons and conductive rubber pads


Front half  of the case with with only the plastic buttons


Top side of the PCB (600pdi scan)

IC4021 is an 8-bit shift register with parallel inputs and serial output. It is clocked by the NES. Both resistors are 3.6k Ohm

Bottom half of the PCB (600dpi scan)

Please note that the eight pull-up resistors printed direct to the pcb. They are located  to the left and to the right of the solder pads of the shift register. Their value is roughly 50k Ohm.


DXF drawing (top view!)

 Download link (use: Save link as)

Layover DXF drawing on scan



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    1. Did you ever make a PCB from the DXF file? It would be nice to make a replacement board.

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