X-Ray comparison: Do ceramic knifes appear on X-Ray images?

Do ceramic knifes appear on X-Ray images? The short answer is yes.

One of the first ideas of what to x-ray, long before I got an X-Ray machine, have been ceramic knifes. You know for security reasons. Could one bypass a X-Ray hand baggage scanner at an airport with a ceramic knife? I guess no. In my opinion they are even more noticeable compared to normal steel knifes

Photograph of three knifes. A steel knife an two ceramic knifes
View on to the knifes as seen from the X-Ray source. From the top: steel knife, black ceramic knife in a sheath, withe ceramic knife. They knifes are attached with duct tape since the detector is standing upright.



X-Ray Image of these three knifes. Taken at 99kv accelerating voltage.

The picture above was taken at 99kv accelerating voltage. The highest accelerating voltage my X-Ray machine can generate. As far as I know a typical baggage scanner at an airport operates at around 160 kv accelerating voltage.

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